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Lillee Bronson

Lillee Bronson Kid Photo


Campbell , NY, US



Date of Diagnosis

December 2020


Passed away

Treated At

Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester

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My Story

The words your child has cancer is the last thing any parent wants to hear; let alone something a 5-year-old should ever have to deal with. Lillee Rae Bronson, "Lillee Bean," daughter #2 out of 5 entered this world in the ordinary fashion on August 5th, 2015, at 6:05 am weighing a whopping 6lbs 5oz and yet there was nothing ordinary about Lillee! A baby who became a toddler in the blink of an eye, to a young girl who loved going to school. She overcame adversities with the difficulty of speech but never allowed that or anything else to bring her down as her smile was always ear to ear! Sassy she was along with being the child who marched to the beat of her own drum, one-of-a-kind spunk; and those that knew her, knew of what we would call; that "Lillee spunk!" A child whose energy could light up a room, who would have went far in life, if life only would have allowed! Lillee's Journey began December 7th, 2020, when what was thought to be a quick trip to the emergency room turned into a parent's worst nightmare. The arm pain Lillee was complaining of turned out to be cancer and she was officially diagnosed the next day December 8th, 2020, with high grade osteosarcoma in her right humerus. Originally diagnosed as localized quickly changed to being metastasized 2 months after the misreading of a CT scan, as Lillee had nodules in her lungs from the get-go that was unfortunately overlooked. 19 months total she fought for her life, from a port being placed to the start of chemo and eventually radiation, to limb salvage surgery along with a few different target drugs. Whatever the Dr's tossed at her nothing seemed to work, but despite the circumstances Lillee still smiled and lived life to the fullest. While even having a cadaver bone in 1/3 of her arm, minus her growth plate with the addition of some screws, she still outperformed all that they said she more than likely would never be able to do! 2 months prior to her death, Lillee was running bases and hitting softballs with her bat, swimming, riding her bike and the hoverboard. Some would probably never believe it if we didn't tell them, but even summersaults and crab walks too! During Lillee's Journey a couple of foundations sponsored our family to go on a couple of trips to make memories of a lifetime and though we are thankful for all of those who have helped us along the way, a lifetime we wish we still had today. July 2022 while on one of those trips; Hershey Park, Lillee's health began to decline and 9 days later on July 27th, 9 days before her 7th birthday, while in the arms of her father, surrounded by her mother, family, and friends; Lillee Rae Bronson entered into the arms of Jesus at 6:05 am, the same hour and minute in which she was born... And though she only lived a short 6 years, 11 months and 22 days to be exact, her life touched more people than we could ever count. Although now only a memory, her legacy will live on in all the hearts by which she was known! "LLL" Live Like Lillee Until we meet again... R.I.P Lillee Bean Lillee Rae Bronson 08/05/2015 ~ 07/27/2022

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