Honored Kid

Colton T.

Age 14
Colton  T. Kid Photo


Fountain, CO, US



Date of Diagnosis

December 2009


Cancer free

Treated At

Children's Hospital Colorado

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My Story

We found out Colton had a hepatoblastoma just before Christmas 2009 when he was 15 months old. It's stage 4 liver cancer because it had already spread to his lungs. What a year this past year has been. Colton had a liver resection performed in June of 2010. Since that time his liver has regenerated and shows no sign of the cancer in the liver. He had a total of 5 tumors in his lungs and as of January 2011, 4 of them had begun to calcify and the 5th shrank. We just recived great news in March. His counts are normal and we have a CT scan scheduled for later this month and hope to see the 5th tumor has begun to calcify. Colton is the definition of courage and hope to us. March 2012 Colton is in REMISSION!!! He has beat a very rare and life threatening form of cancer and is now in remission for almost a year! It was a hard road and doctors did not expect him to live to see his 3rd birthday... Well he did and he spent his third birthday in Disney World on his Make-A-Wish trip! It was amazing to see him healthy enough to be out in public and enjoying himself! He's now doing amazing with a full head of hair and eyelashes. He has an amazing personality and very lively 3 1/2 year old typical little boy. We are truely blessed and he is a mirical that is destined for great things one day. 2014 Colton is 5 years old and in his second year of pre-kindergarten.. He is still in remission and has had some minor side effects of his treatments, but we have a great group of wonderful people doing everything we can to help him with his challenges. Colton is extremely active and loves wrestling, playing football, basketball, and baseball. He's such a sweet caring boy and the ladies LOVE him. Right now he wants to be a cop and dresses in his cop uniform every day. He loves driving up and down the street looking for bad guys to arrest with his little sister in the passenger seat.
Colton is now 5 years Cancer Free and it all seems like it was just a bad nightmare.  Since Chemo we have to have his hearing and heart checked every year for damage from the chemo.  He will have to be checked every year for the rest of his life.  Praise God that he doesn't have more side effect from the horrible chemicals they had to use to shrink the tumors to remove them.  He does have some "Chemo Brain" side effects that mimic ADD but not to serious and if you meet Colton today, you would never know he ever had cancer.  He's very athletic and loves football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer.  He's an excellent swimmer and just loves to be active.  

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