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Honored Kid Nathan W. Age 6

Nathan W.'s Photo
Ahoskie, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
July 2016
In treatment
Treated At
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters
Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center


Nathan is a 4 year old little boy who is so special and unique and it started the day he was born. He was born February 29th. He was the only baby born in the hospital in Ahoskie, NC that day. He has the best big sister anyone could ask for - she calls him MeMe because he is hers - and 2 parents that love and cherish him very much. He loves all the things that little boys love. And now he is special in another way as he has Neuroblastoma. 
Nathan was taken to the hospital in Ahoskie because he was dehydrated and he was having stomach pains. In the hospital they did blood draws, chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, and a CT scans, this was when the found a mass. Nathan was transported immediately via ambulance to CHKD (Children's Hospital of King's Daughters) in Norfolk, VA (an hour and a half away from home) for more extensive testing, biopsies of the bone marrow and tumor, and placement of a port in his chest.Nathan was diagnosed with Stage 3 Unfavorable Histology High Risk Neuroblastoma.Nathan's journey hasn't been an easy one. Two days after his first admission (14 days - which included his first 5 day round of chemo) he was admitted back to the hospital with E. Coli, C. Diff, Typhlitius, AND Mucositis. Which was another 14 day stay at the hospital. He has had four more rounds of chemo with neutropenic stays inbetween (fevers), and C. Diff a few more times as well.Between the 4th and 5th rounds or chemo he had a successful tumor resection. Currently he is at Duke University Hospital for his 1st Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. Once he recovers enough he will have a 2nd transplant.He then has Radiation and Immunotherapy to follow the transplants.When Nathan is not in the hospital he is home spending time with his big sister who he loves so much. He is like any four year old, he loves to play outside, playing with Legos, and he loves cars more than anything.

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