Honored Kid

Ryden B.

Age 15
Ryden B. Kid Photo


Folsom, CA, US


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

Date of Diagnosis

November 2010


Cancer free

Treated At

Tripler Army Medical Center

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My Story

Ryden Bautista was born in Phoenix, Arizona to his loving mommy and daddy with big sister Kalyn and big brother Landon. Of course being the youngest sibling Ryden knows all too well how to use those powers bestowed upon him; he is the “baby” in the family after all. Because of this, some people might see Ryden as the over-demanding spoiled, strong- willed boy and at times, short tempered. Who can blame him, he is a 3 year old who is independent and knows what he wants. As Ryden would say, “I’m not a baby; I’m a big boy.” Ryden loves hands on activities such as putting puzzles together, fixing his little cars and being creative with the play dough. He is also an entertainer who loves to sing, dance and be silly, he can definitely make you laugh. You can expect to have a good time when hanging with Ryden. He is so full of life and his smile is brighter than the sunshine, it can literally light up your day. He loves to collect toy cars of all types and sizes. He also enjoys going on car rides even if it is just around the corner because he just loves watching the cars that pass him by. Ryden also enjoys hanging with his best bud Shyloh. He gets a good laugh when Shyloh chases him around the house and wags her tail like crazy. Ryden is such a fun loving boy whose big heart and caring personality resonates with you even when he is not in your presence.
We never realize that Ryden was sick because he seemed like a normal healthy child, hardly ever got sick. One day Ryden and his cousin were playing and his cousin accidentally bumped him on neck area and a big bumped formed. We thought it would go down, that it was a bruised bump but that bump never went away, weeks passed and it just seemed harder. So I decided to take him to his doctor. They gave him antibiotics because they said his lymph nodes were swollen but it never went away and finally his doctor referred us to a ENT specialist. They did the same and prescribed antibiotics but it didn't feel right and I was persistent on making those doctors appointment, call it a mothers instinct I guess. They decided to do a biopsy a couple of days later we got a call saying we need to see the oncologist at Tripler Army Medical Center. At the time it didn't really hit because I didn't know what an oncologist was. Everything just went into a process after that which was scary but we are so thankful for the Doctors, nurses and all staff at TAMC Hawaii. They have made everything much lighter to handle because it was definitely a kind of a spinning moment for me and my family.

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