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Honored Kid Julian Avery

Julian Avery's Photo
Fort Worth, TX, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
March 2007
Treated At
Cook Children's Medical Center


Julian loved life, his brothers, his imaginary pets especially his frogs!
He liked being called King Julian. He believed the world we live in was Julian's world.
He got cancer just before he turned 4, he wanted to grow up but only to be 5, so he could go to Kindergarten, which never happened.
He loved everything yellow, especially the sun and his yellow crocs.
He was shy , but had the best smile , a smile with dimples!
He loved his mama, Starbucks coffee and donut-holes.
When we went to Disney World on our make a wish trip, he turned to me and said "See Mama, wishes DO come true..."
He died fighting for his last breath. He was a tough little guy and is missed by thousands of people who had come to know him through Carepages...
Love you 'lil man, all the way to China!
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