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Honored Kid Faolan Brace MacBeth

Faolan Brace MacBeth's Photo
Commerce Township, MI, US
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Date of Diagnosis
January 2002
Treated At
William Beaumont Hospital


Faolan touched her family in ways that they never knew existed and they were just beginning to get a glimpse of who she was going to be. She was full of wisdom and she was already kind and gentle, funny, outgoing, serious and above all, strong. She never asked to leave the hospital, but instead reached out to wipe tears from the faces around her. Her family said that it would be an understatement to say she is deeply missed and that she changed their lives. She never had the chance to meet her little brother who made his entrance into the world while she lay in hospital herself. They did not have the chance to cross paths between this world and the next. They can only hope that she helped her youngest brother along the way on his journey here two years after she had left. Their entire family is privileged to honor not only Faolan, but all children and families touched by cancer, in such a way.
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