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Greenwich High School

Mar 17, 2016 • 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

At: Greenwich High School

10 Hillside Road , Greenwich, CT US

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$25,000 GOAL

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Event 10181

National Partner

$500 - $999

  1. L. Scott Frantz
  2. Mr. Chris Loveless

$250 - $499

  1. Josephine Schlank In Honor Of Morgan Fahey
  2. Mr. James A Himes

$100 - $249

  1. Anonymous In Honor Of Morgan Fahey
  2. Dr. Christopher S Winters
  3. Jill and Jeffrey Weiss
  4. Linda Hoffman In Honor Of Morgan Fahey
  5. Mr. Scott Fahey
  6. Mrs. Judy L Heiland
  7. Mrs. Lori A Mulligan
  8. Ms. Laurie Prose
  9. Ms. Lisa Mastronardi In Honor Of Morgan Fahey

$1 - $99

  1. Pi-Your-Teacher Fundraiser
  2. Friends of Jack
  3. Beatrice Carriero In Memory Of Dr. Sharon J Kaufman
  4. Lexi Henkel
  5. Mr. Tony E Tomlyanovich In Memory Of Maxine Tomlyanovich
  6. Mrs. Elizabeth C Walker
  7. Mrs. Elizabeth W Black
  8. Ms. Barbara Yee Mae Gong
  9. Anonymous
  10. Mrs. Erin E Martschenko
  11. Mrs. Kim H Coppola
  12. Ms. Marie Shimchick In Memory Of John & Mary Shimchick
  13. Faye Engwer In Memory Of Nora Falk
  14. Ms. Randi Green

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