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Cliff Bleszinski
is Shaving to Cure Childhood Cancers

Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Help me fund the research that will save their lives!

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Event Date
Apr 13, 2013
1:00 pm
Hibernian Restaurant & Pub
Hibernian Restaurant & Pub
311 Glenwood Ave.
Raleigh, NC US
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Your donations fund lifesaving children’s cancer research

$15,356 raised
$20,000 goal


I was urged to participate in this event last year by one of my best friends. He had been encouraging me to do it for several years and when I finally did I found it was such a rewarding experience for such a great organization that I'm going to go for it again.

Last year I set the goal of making $10,000 and we BLEW past that to $15,357! Now it's time to BEAT THAT - I'm setting my goal this year to $20,000! Can you help? Can you make a donation? Every dollar makes a difference for the thousands of infants, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers.

From the BOTTOM of my heart, I thank you for any help.

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St. Baldrick's Kids

Chris O.
  • Age 20
  • Greeley, CO US
  • Other childhood cancer
  • Other
Anne W.
  • Age 17
  • Antioch, IL US
  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
  • Cancer free
Jamie Voets
  • Age 20
  • Mckinney, TX US
  • Osteosarcoma
  • In remission

Donor List

  • $1,000 - $2,499

    Cliff Bleszinski

  • Amy Hennig

  • Mr. Byren D Vaughn

  • Cheap Ass Gamer

  • Mr. Phil Spencer

  • $500 - $999

    Game Developers In Honor Of Seamus McNally

  • Respawn Entertainment

  • Mr. Alex H Browder

  • Oculus VR

  • Theodore Trouble Bleszinski

  • T-Grip

  • $250 - $499

    Mark Rein

  • Mr. Michael Gamble

  • Anonymous

  • Albert Villena

  • Mr. Jeremy Ray

  • Your Cause/Electronic Arts Outreach

  • $100 - $249

    Mr. Wyeth Johnson

  • Mr. Jordan R Newman

  • Stu

  • Nicole & Ophir Lupu

  • Biozal

  • Mr. Mickey R Frklic Jr.

  • Leah Yantek

  • Careen Yapp

  • Mr. Peter N Karegeannes III

  • Dan "Shoe" Hsu

  • Mr. Corey M Pelton

  • Mr. Karl D Stewart In Memory Of Mrs. Celine Byrne

  • Anonymous

  • Chris Donahue

  • Sumo Attuquayefio In Honor Of Aniia Attuquayefio

  • Joe Halper In Honor Of Courtney E Pohl

  • John Ricciardi #84bump

  • Mr. Cass W Everitt

  • Robert McCutchan

  • Mer and Ken

  • Maya and Alex Bleszinski In Memory Of Concha Lopez & Raul Riesgo

  • Drew Holmes

  • Flak

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Bill Glenwalker, Jr.

  • Mr. Steve Swangler

  • Scott Dossett

  • Wayne M Kazan

  • $1 - $99

    Coatsink Software

  • Mr. Brandon J Shrader

  • Mr. Donovan C Diaz

  • Mr. Blake H Rochkind In Memory Of Justin S Rochkind

  • Mr. Matt Marcheschi

  • Nate A Wells

  • Tech & Gaming News Inc.

  • Mr. Adam Hartling

  • Mr. Jason D Berlinberg

  • Anonymous (13)

  • Sun Protection

  • Mr. Robin Carlson

  • Mr. Eric A Guzman In Memory Of Arleen Serrano

  • J. Kyle Pittman

  • Awais Ahmed

  • Jason T Ferree

  • Mr. Sven Holl

  • Shaun Peoples

  • NeoGAF

  • Samuel deZeng In Honor Of Seth Payton

  • Tim Fangon

  • Mr. Max J Temkin

  • Gears 3 Andrew

  • Mr. Piet Browser III

  • Mr. Brad Priller

  • Mr. Corey W Colvin In Memory Of Mr. Jeremiah Hodges

  • Mr. Aaron Wiginton

  • Ryan Lind

  • Mr. Christopher M Berggren In Memory Of Mrs. Ana L Berggren

  • Mr. Jamie Marvel

  • Mr. Michael P Freebourn

  • Mr. Matthew C Rice

  • Peter White

  • Mr. Joseph A Caruso

  • Nick Youngblood In Memory Of Nick R Youngblood, Sr.

  • Mr. Andrew R Poff

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Mr. Marius Candrea

  • Mr. Leigh A Shull

  • Mr. Jeff Parker

  • Brent Hannon

  • Mr. david choung In Memory Of Mr. Young M Chung, Sr.

  • Jamie Krencisz

  • Ms. Sarah H Elmaleh

  • Mr. Gaillard Kévin

  • Mr. Luciano Morais da Silva

  • Melissa A Hannon

  • Mr. James M Darley

  • Mr. Richard Foge

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Shelly Puritz

  • Anonymous In Honor Of Greg Miller

  • Mr. Masaichi S Uehara

  • Tina Kowalewski

  • Mr. Alain Tascan

  • Mr. Gøran Basma

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Ms. Olga Nowak

  • Mrs. Clare M Golding In Honor Of Mr. Oliver Gant

  • Mr. Maxime Ziliani In Memory Of The hair of CliffyB

  • Juan Ayala

  • Ian T Pirrall

  • Craig Page

  • Anonymous In Memory Of Direnda Kenney

  • Greg Bleszinski

  • Mr. Cyrus R Fayazi

  • Dad's Hideout

  • Nabil Waheed

  • Citizen Cope

  • Scott S Kramer

  • Dustin Hsu - In Memory Of Jon Hoke

  • Daniel A Guzman

  • Marc Caccamise

  • Call of Susie

  • Sam Evans

  • Mrs. Wendy Willis

  • Mr. David F Mulcahey

  • The Xbox Universe

  • Ms. Cecily Houser

  • Eric Schneider

  • Ryan T Leonski In Memory Of Rick Gonzales

  • Ms. Alison Haislip

  • Mr. Edward Mah

  • Davidkenobi - Xboxygen

  • Justin B.

  • Ms. Diane C Makgill

  • Mr. Justin Rampersad

  • @GrumpyOldGamer_

  • Scott Rhodie In Memory Of Kenny McLachlan

  • Mr. Chris Hutcherson

  • Mr. Cameron C Gietz

  • Mr. Jamey B Scott

  • Natalie Brickell

  • Mr. Samuel M Wagner

  • Jon Lovano

  • Steve D Whitcraft

  • Dana Cowley

  • Mr. Dan Boutros

  • Mr. Helder Pinto

  • Mr. Paul R Benson

  • Brent, Katie & Lexi Nash

  • IamVerde In Memory Of Shelby Rodriguez

  • Mr. Dwight O Shaw III

  • Mr. Noel A Porter

  • Anonymous In Honor Of Satnaam Waheguru

  • Daniel Edgar

  • Sheryl @sharewohl Zapanta

  • Mr. Masanobu Tanikawa

  • Mr. Keith J Judge

  • Mr. Gary Meurs

  • James Riordan

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