Honored Kid

Wesley Payton

Wesley Payton Kid Photo


Las Vegas , NV, US


Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Date of Diagnosis

April 2015



Treated At

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada

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My Story

Wesley Payton was diagnosed with AML on April 14th, 2015, he was 6. His WBC count was 350,000 at diagnosis. He was very ill and had been battling very high fevers for over two weeks. 2 weeks to the date later his baby brother was born. About 2 days after having Wyatt we learned that Wesley's leukemia was not just the standard AML case but had a few mutations. His full diagnosis is AML FLT3-ITD w/a NUP98-NSD1 fusion mutation.  He underwent the standard high dose induction therapy for AML and that didn't touch his cancer. He was still at 47% so they tried it again only to get the same result of 47%. They switched up the high dose chemotherapy and added a ITD inhibitor (a chemotherapy pill) to the fight. After round 3 of high dose chemotherapy his BMA was around 25% so finally something had worked! The talks of transplant started again and we had both of his brothers blood tested. They tested the cord we had banked from his new brother. It was not a match. His 3 year old brother was then tested. After about a 2 week wait we finally got the news back that he was a 100% HLA match! Now we just needed to get Wesley as close to remission as we could. After round 4 of high dose chemotherapy Wesley's BMA was around 10% so we headed to Children's Hospital Los Angeles from Las Vegas. LV does not have a children's hospital so you can not do any sort of transplant there.  We moved our family into the Ronald McDonald House. Wesley had his Bone Marrow Transplant September 25, 205 @ 10:30am. After under 9 sessions of TBI radiation (with no sedation ) and a 24 hour continual chemotherapy drip we were praying!! See the consolation for translate we had was a 2 hour meeting about how there were no statistics on cases like Wesley so basically they're was no evidence that it would work. It was 2 hours of hearing he has a below 10% chance of life. Since he never made it into remission from chemotherapy he is considered "refractory" or chemotherapy resistant.  Wesley did amazing and was in remission! MRD negative and FLT3 negative! He was released the October 29, 2015 only 13 days after his 7th birthday! He battled GVHD for the next few months with a few two week stays in the hospital. We were able to come home to LV the week before Christmas. We had weekly appointments back in LA that we would take him to. February 22, 2016 at his weekly BMT clinic visit we found out that he had relapsed. We weren't given much hope at all and were even offered the compassionate care option. Since Wesley was still battling from GVHD he did not qualify for any clinical trials. We chose to continue fighting and started him back on chemotherapy. August 11, 2016, Wesley passed away at 1:45am peacefully in his sleep, surrounded by his family. He is now free of cancer and can run and play. I know he was received by a multitude of angels.

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