Honored Kid

Savannah C.

Savannah C. Kid Photo


Rough and Ready, CA, US


Brain or spinal cord tumor

Date of Diagnosis

March 2005



Treated At

Sutter Medical Center

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My Story

Our little girl Savannah was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at 2 years old. She fought for her life for so long and so brave! She is/was the most gracious, humble, and incredible human being I had the privelege to be her "MOMMY". Last year on June 1st 2009 she had her 5th and final brain surgery. On October 27, 2009 the dr told us she had 3 months or less to live. We were in total shock and dismay and that we were going to wake up from this horrible nightmare soon. Well, for any family that has a child with cancer it isn't a dream and it is a nightmare! What I can tell you is that Savannah FINALLY told us she "was tired". She fought for 5 years and WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF HER! She touched many peoples lives that in just incredible the support from all over the world we have had. WE WANT TO THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Savannah was here on Earth for a purpose and a season ~ she did what she had to do in her life and left us with the most WONDERFUL MEMORIES and learned that life isn't just about material things, work, school, etc.. that you ONLY get ONE LIFE to LIVE and between birth and death YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE with meaning. You help others, you give to others and you ALWAYS think of OTHERS! That was what Savannah ALWAYS did! She never thought of herself. She was always thinking of someone else and how they would feel about something that was going on their life. She was the most SELFLESS little girl I have ever known. She LOVED her FAMILY with her WHOLE BEING! She told us at least 100 times a day "mommy, I love you", daddy I love you, Sissy I love you! She loved each and every ONE of her brothers and sisters with every breath she breathed and every beat of her heart! She loved ALL of her friends deeply! Especially, the really special ones like Abigail, Kyah, Holster, Chrissie, Mikayla and the list could go on forever! I know she is watching down on us and I also know that she is here with me as I write this. I LOVE YOU MY SUGARBEAR all the way around the Earth and back! You are our "Angel Baby" now... Thank you for coming into our lives, thank you for choosing ME to be your Mommy and for choosing daddy to be your daddy! We are the most blessed family because of YOU! Without you we would have never learned the lessons we have! I MISS YOU AND I LOVE WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL! It's now been 2 years 2 weeks and 3 days since Vanna left us! Seems like yesterday we were all laughing, hugging, kissing, loving and caring for her! Life is so much different without her now. Her daddy and I were headed to divorce court and split up for almost a year after Vanna died. We are now back together and happier than we ever have been in our almost 15 years being together! Destiny misses her so very much, they were not only sisters, but besties, confidantes, their relationship was extraordinary in that, I really miss watching them play together and even fight with eachother if you can believe that?!?! Desi had been very lost for the past 2 years, but is finally coming out of her shell, she loves to read she finishes a book about every 2 days and starts another, she is on the volleyball team at her school, she absolutely loves it!!! Her grades are unbelievable! She is getting mostly A's with 1 B in all of her subjects!!! We are so very proud of her and everything she does! Savannah and Desi had a very special "bond" Desi really misses that "special time" with her little sister! So DO WE! Watching them together was so funny, amazing, and amusing.... she just really misses her sidekick that wanted to do and be everything Desi was! I loved just sitting and watching and listening to them talk amongst themselves and play! Those are the moments that I really miss... so really I know now what in life I have taken for granted... after losing Vanna I know what that word means now! I pray that Destiny will continue to excel at school and sports... we encourage all sports and all of her reading! She is pretty proud of herself too! Thank you for letting us share a bit about our life, trials and tribulations and the life of our daughter that not only touched our hearts, but also many other peoples hearts as well!! WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Please make a donation to St. Baldricks Foundation please help us find A CURE for CHILDRENS cANCER! It means so much to us as a family and to all the other families that are still in the fight with their child!!! Blessings Always, Stan, Jodi, Destiny and "ANGEL BABY VANNA"

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