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Honored Kid Alicia S. Age 26

Alicia S.'s Photo
Chicago, IL, US
Ewing sarcoma
Date of Diagnosis
June 2007
Treated At
University Of Illinois Hospital & Health Sciences System


I was diagnosed with stage IV Ewing's Sarcoma in June of 2007 after
it being misdiagnosed as tendinitis for a year. When I began treatment
I had a swollen and VERY sore leg and a big lymph node, along with
a couple more affected sites that only showed up on scans. After my
very first treatment the pain disappeared and the second reduced my
previously baseball-sized lymph node to a size so small you couldn't
even feel it, and my leg was shrinking as well. The chemos were tough,
but being able to see and feel the difference made it worth it. I also
had radiation, which left me with some sunburn-like-spots, but gave
be a break from chemo, so I got some peach fuzz. My last chemo
is finished with, and I got a stem cell transplant
(with my own stem cells that were collected before) and scans have
been clean since. Lets hope it stays that way!
My friends, family, and church have all been amazingly supportive,
and it helps a lot! Thanks you guys!
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