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Honored Kid Brooke Vittimberga Age 22

Brooke Vittimberga's Photo
Orinda, CA, US
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Date of Diagnosis
June 2015
In remission
Treated At
Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland


I grew up a healthy kid, but during my sophomore year of college I became very sick and was eventually diagnosed with high-risk (Ph ) AML on June 18, 2015. My first round of chemo failed, but after a salvage round I was able to get into remission and have a bone marrow transplant from my brother on Sept. 24, 2015.

My treatment has left me with chronic graft vs. host disease of the skin, mouth, eyes, and liver as well as permanent alopecia (they say your hair will grow back, but I got so unlucky!). I am passionate about supporting research that can not only make our treatments more effective, but also leave patients with fewer lasting effects. I am currently working on setting up a hero fund dedicated toward research on young adult survivorship and chronic GVHD (https://www.stbaldricks.org/fundraisers/mypage/3301/2018). Thank you for supporting St. Baldrick's and their commitment to childhood cancer research!
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