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Honored Kid Dominic Liples

Dominic Liples's Photo
Doylestown, PA, US
Glioblastoma, Grade 4 (a very aggressive malignant brain tumor)
Date of Diagnosis
March 2016
Passed away
Treated At
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Dominic's Story:

On March 7th, after noticing some strangeness with Dominic's left side, his mom took him to the Doctor. He was sent for a CT scan which ultimately led to finding a mass in his brain and he was immediately sent via ambulance down to CHOP.

On March 9th he had as much of the mass removed as safely possible. However, on March 14th the family was given devastating news: Dominic had a grade 3 tumor that is extremely difficult to treat.  There is no known cure and the survival rate is slim for children with this rare type of cancer.

Exactly 9 months to the day, on December 7th, our precious Dominic went on to live with Jesus.

To read more about Dominic's journey, you can visit our website: www.prayfordominic.com

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