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Honored Kid Carla K. Hood Age 51

Carla K. Hood's Photo
Almira, WA, US
Date of Diagnosis
January 1968
Cancer free
Treated At
Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital
St. Luke's Memorial Hospital


My story is what we hope to see more of, what we dream to have and what I continue to fight for as a dedicated Shavee with the St. Baldrick's Foundation as one of the 46 Mommas Shave for the Brave (2010 - now.)

I was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma on January 22 1968 at a mere 8 1/2 Months of Age. My parents were told that I likely wouldn't survive, and considering this was back in the late 60's from a medical standpoint that was the general concensus. 
On January 28 1968, I had surgery to remove my Right Kidney and a 2 1/2 pound tumor the size of a big man's fist; followed by chemotherapy to dissolve what remained of the cancer on my Left Kidney and the outer lining of my Stomach. While I do not know what my chemo protocol was, I do know that it consisted of 250 INDIVIDUAL shots given directly into the tops of both my hands.
As a Long Term Survivor, I have only minimal after effects of treatment and I share my story whenever and wherever I can to help spread hope!  This is what we keep on fighting for:
~"Every parent dreams for their childthe ultimate dream ofa good life, a happy life, a healthy lifea successful LONG life full of lovethe very best of everything life can offer...
For the child diagnosed with cancersometimes their biggest dreams are:being able to see the sunsetbeing able to get out of bedbeing able to play with their siblingsbeing a NORMAL kidbeing cancer FREEbeing able to LIVE
Sometimes...that dream comes true...
But "SOMETIMES"...ISN'T GOOD ENOUGHbecause every child's dreamshould become a REALITY!!"~
~excerpt from 'Little Kids, BIG DREAMS'©03.14.13written by Carla Hood~
because every kid, every family should be able to live out their big dreams - they should become REALITY!!!
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