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Honored Kid Mackenzie Belle B. Age 6

Mackenzie Belle B.'s Photo
Sunset Beach, HI, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
September 2014
In treatment
Treated At
Tripler Army Medical Center


“I’m sorry, it’s leukemia.” When I saw the hematologist/oncologist come into Mackenzie’s isolation room in the PICU, I knew tough news was coming. The doctor said she would not come back if the tests showed a viral suppression of Mackenzie’s immune system. Time stood still as the doctor informed us that our 3-year-old daughter has leukemia. It’s impossible to remember all the details of the conversation, yet some moments of it will remain lucid forever. We had spent the past two nights in hopeful denial because the blood tests were all negative for cancer cells. The bone marrow tests revealed it, and suddenly the terrifying reality hit us; our precious child has cancer.
Numerous uncertainties and challenges are ahead for Mackenzie and our family. As we adjust to the new normal, we remain focused on helping her fight every step of the way. Discovering that Mackenzie has leukemia was the lowest of low times for our family. We are blessed to have her and those who support her and our family in our lives. We are determined to win this fight and thank all who are willing to fight with us to cure Mackenzie. #CUREkenzie - See more at: http://www.theyoungandbrave.com/warriors/mackenzie-b/#sthash.r0PkIVYH.dpuf
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