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Honored Kid Elliot M. Age 5

Elliot M.'s Photo
Chicago, IL, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
November 2014
In treatment
Treated At
Advocate Children's Hospital - Oak Lawn


On November 28, 2014 we were delivered the unexpected news that our Elliot had Leukemia. After many tests he was diagnosed with ALL T-Cell. After the diagnosis our community held a prayer service at St. Cajetan Church. All who attended wrote well wishes on colored paper stars. It is going to be a long three-year journey but we are ready to face it head-on and inspirational stars can only help.

Elliot has shown many signs of being himself since we have been home. El also picked up where he left off with his love of music and dancing. He and Josephine have been grooving to Taylor Swift’s recent “sick beat”. The wonder of life has returned to his eyes.
Elliot is making steady progression in the face of his recent diagnosis. Pat describes it as a re-birth. This is such a fitting description only that, now we are doubly in love with this little man, knowing all that he has already given us in 17 months. He is our little Super Elliot.

I keep thinking about something poignant a friend of mine shared with me earlier in this journey. She went through a similar experience with her son a few years ago and I have repeatedly read what she wrote me. In her note, she describes the challenges and trials of facing such a diagnosis but also says that life is more beautiful on the "other side". We have already felt that beauty as we have seen Elliot's grace rise above the ugliness of this disease.
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