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Honored Kid Torie Costa

Torie Costa's Photo
Huntersville, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
June 2012
Passed away
Treated At
Presbyterian Hemby Children's Hospital


Words are pale and lifeless when compared to the beautiful spirit we called Torie. Ethereal was her beauty, graceful and radiant. To be in her presence was to be held in love and all that is good. Though her physical beauty mesmerized, her inner soul had the power to transform and heal those around her. Torie inspired us all to recognize what was meaningful... love, hope, family, connection with one another. She lived fully and authentically. She liberated us from our own fears and made us feel safe and loved. To be in Torie's presence, one could not deny that we are eternal, divine, and sacred. Her energy and soul continues to give and live. To say she will be missed, is an understatement. What can be known about this great spirit cannot be captured in the realm of words.
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