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Honored Kid AJ Donohue

AJ Donohue's Photo
Decatur, GA, US
Date of Diagnosis
August 2005
Treated At
Wolfson Children's Hospital


AJ Donohue was 16 and living in Brunswick, Georgia when he was diagnosed with cancer. He enjoyed spending time at the beach with his friends and family and was an active member of the school's theater programs. After he was diagnosed, he spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital rooms and so he had an idea to raise money and make improvements to the hospital rooms that had become his second home. He started selling stickers which depicted him flying a plane, one of his favorite hobbies, and used the proceeds to buy recliners and DVD players for the hospital.

AJ'd friends and family rallied around him and in his memory they continue to raise money for hospitals and carry on his mission of helping others.
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