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Honored Kid Marrah S. Age 11

Marrah S.'s Photo
Norwich , NY, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
November 2012
In maintenance
Treated At
Golisano Children's Hospital, Syracuse


Marrah Smith was five when she was diagnosed with ALL. It all started when she had an ear ache starting in October. I had taken her to the doctors and they told me it was just and ear infection. then a couple of weeks later her school calls me and tells me she is sick again. I take her to the doctors again and they tell me its just a sinus infection. She gets on antibiotics and spends thanksgiving with her dad. All this time goes by im wondering why she is pale and the doctors told me they would do a blood test but she should have had one about 2 years ago. Her school teacher called me when they came off of thanksgiving break and said she looked pale again and she needed medical treatment and to get another opinion. At this point I take her to the ER to get looked at and that is when our lives changed forever. The ER doctor told us she is being transported up to upstate children's hospital because she has leukemia. She was horrified but yet she liked all the attention she was getting. We get rushed up to upstate new york and the next morning that is when her doctor diagnosed her with ALL. Marrah is now in maintenance phase in therapy and is doing great. She is definitely a strong willed child who is my hero. She is going through all this still with a big smile on her face and loving life. We still have about a year in a half of treatment left and I pray everyday she keeps doing well.
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