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Honored Kid Hanna M. Age 9

Hanna M.'s Photo
Lumberton, NC, US
Date of Diagnosis
March 2012
In remission
Treated At
UNC Children's Hospital


On 3/16/2012 Hanna went into surgery to remove her adnoids. During this surgery the doctor found a tumor. Our lives have not been the same since. On 4/15/13 she completed treatment which included 27 treatments of raditaion and 51 weeks of chemotherapy. She is currently out of treatment with scans every 3 months to monitor her inoperable tumor. She is the light of her mommy and daddy's lives and is the strongest and bravest person I know.
She was a miracle when she was born and continues to defy the odds.
Please help kids like Hanna find better treatments that are not so harsh to their little bodies.
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