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Honored Kid Cole Stoddard

Cole Stoddard's Photo
Sandown, NH, US
Date of Diagnosis
June 2010
Treated At
Boston Children's Hospital
Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Floating Hospital for Children


Cole was a silly, loving boy who enjoyed being with his family. He was always by his twin brother’s side. They enjoyed doing everything together. Sure, they had their typical sibling fights but the fights didn’t last long. One of the boys would quickly say sorry, give the wanted toy to the other, or offer a hug. They spent every day together truly enjoying each other. They would watch each day anxiously awaiting their big sister’s arrival home from school. They idolized their big sister. Cole always wanted to cuddle with Tara. He would watch her and wanted to do things as she did. She was so important to him.
In June of 2010 at the age of 4, Cole was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. He immediately started a harsh treatment plan. However, he continued to want to play like Troy and enjoy time with his sister. He continued to be an active boy enjoying outdoors. He was so strong and happy. In January of 2012, we were told the treatment was not working and we were losing Cole. He struggled the last month of his life but he told us, “Smile, Be Happy!” Cole took his last breath on earth on January 20, 2012 at the age of 5.
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