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Honored Kid Colby W. Age 11

Colby W.'s Photo
Date of Diagnosis
October 2011
In maintenance
Treated At
Walter Reed Naval Medical Center


Colby's story started with a bump. Giving our 5-year old son a bath one night, I noticed a lump on the side of his head that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Being that he is an extremely active child, we assumed it was just a bruise he acquired from one of his many daredevil stunts. After two visits to the doctors and a referral to the surgeon, we learned it was cancer; cutaneous B-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma. In terms of cancers, we were told it was a "good" one to have.

Colby was admitted and started on treatment the day he was diagnosed, October 6, 2011. He has already completed his first 9 months of intense chemotherapy and is now in the maintenance phase of treatment with a projected end date of Dec 14, 2013. Through all the needle sticks, hospitalizations, infections, and terrible side effects that his treatment produces, Colby manages to maintain his courageous spirit. There isn't anything in life that can keep our son down, not even cancer.

Having a child with cancer is without a doubt something no parent ever wants to experience. At times it is scary beyond imagine and even more difficult is watching your child bravely suffer through the side effects chemotherapy produces. However, cancer has provided our family with an amazing gift, and that is to cherish and value every moment we have.. one day at a time.

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