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Honored Kid Dolly James Age 22

Dolly James's Photo
San Diego, CA, US
3 different type over the last 4 yrs
Date of Diagnosis
June 2005
In maintenance
Treated At
Naval Medical Center, San Diego


Dolly has been started out being a caregiver at the age of 4 when her mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. At the age of 10 her brother Kevin was diagnosed with leukemia. Her brother passed away in Nov 2007 and her mom in Aug 2008.

In Apr 2009 Dolly went from caretaker to patient. She had a 16 pound Terratoma tumor that was removed. 10 months later she was diagnosed with PNET on her spine. She did her rounds of chemo and even a stem cell transplant. During this time we had a genetics test done and the results came back that she is positive for the P53 gene. In Jun 2012 she had a scan done and a "spot" was noticed on her left pelvis bone. Had the biopsy done and it came back positive for cancer. So now she had a sarcoma. In Oct 2012 she had her left siliac (pelvis) removed and had 2 stainless steel rods replace where the bone used to be. She now recovering and learning to do things over again and how to cope with life in a wheelchair.
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