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Honored Kid AJ Nuckles

AJ Nuckles's Photo
Cerritos, CA, US
Date of Diagnosis
July 2007
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
City of Hope


AJ was a sweet but tough 7 year old. He was very inquisitive, friendly and liked to learn new things. He was the only child; therefore, he got excited when his cousins and friends came over to visit.

He loved going to school and hanging out with his classmates which he constantly talked about. He liked Star Wars, Legos and Sponge Bob cartoons. His hobbies included playing Wii, watching Nickelodean channel all day long, dressing up his build-a-bear name General Grievious and bugging his mommy.

He was learning how to play piano, swim without floaties and ride his bike without training wheels. He would have liked to someday be able to join the little league. His career goal, since the age of 2, was to become the US President.
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