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Honored Kid Freddy H. Age 10

Freddy H.'s Photo
Dupont, WA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
April 2010
Cancer free
Treated At
Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center


Freddy is a joy to be around and makes everyone around him smile. His laugh is contagious and we could not ask for a better son. His diagnosis of cancer was the worse news that we have ever received but we have grown stronger together as a family. Not many people could describe the emotions that come along with such a diagnosis. If it wasn't for Freddy's bravery and positive outlook at life, these past 4 years would have been even harder than they already were.
Freddy is FINALLY done with Chemo! He was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) on April 15th 2010 and finished treatment on June 22nd 2013. So far he is over 6 months off treatment and hopefully continues leukemia free for good!

We are extremely grateful for foundations such as St Baldricks and CURE for all they do to support childhood cancer. Its because of the research that foundations like St. Baldrick's support that Freddy is a survivor today. However, not all kids get the chance to grow up.. 46 new kids are diagnosed everyday with some type of cancer.. and everyday 7 children die due to cancer. Please help stop this monster that is cancer from taking our children. Please consider donating, even if its just a few dollars.. Every little bit helps.

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