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Honored Kid Olivia W. Age 14

Olivia W.'s Photo
Cumming, GA, US
Date of Diagnosis
September 2008
In remission
Treated At
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite


Olivia is a fighter! As a survivor of an extremely premature birth (24wk gestation) with mulitple complications and living her first 7 months in NICU at Scotish Rite Children's Hospital she made the local world sit up and pay attention. A few years later, a selective mute but we all learned to sign with her and she made her way through so many of her developmental delays. At age 4.5 we were devastated to learn she now had 2 brain tumors. Within a few weeks she began to show her kid boxers once again... she started talking a few days after the first tumor was removed! This was just one more of many obstacles Olivia made amazing recoveries from. Multiple brain and associated surgeries, a seizure, and a stroke later, Olivia still continues to fight. Its now been just over 3 years since the tumors were removed and a scan last month has found a new one that is believed to be from her radiation treatments, We couldn't have made it this far without all the support and prayers from all of her followers and we know now that we have to put her gloves back on and work to put another win on her statistics sheet! Olivia loves to give hugs and play with dolls. She'll charm the pants off of you within the first few minutes of an introduction. She loves pets of all kinds. We're not sure she's ever met someone she didn't like and for now we really enjoy watching the people she encounters light up when she introduces herself. Although she eats mainly through a feeding pump, she loves applesauce, apple juice and yogurts. Any 'surprise' that's tiny quickly becomes her favorite. She's a fan of Dora and Boots as well as Warehouse Mouse. And since she is certainly a Princess (as you'll learn at introductions), she loves to play with Prince and Princess things. Her home is always open to visitors and she loves to get phone calls and anything in the mail. Olivia is a fighter and a survivor and we are all strengthened by her stamina and determination.
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