Honored Kid

Carsyn V.

Age 15
Carsyn V. Kid Photo


Bellmore, NY, US



Date of Diagnosis

August 2011


In treatment

Treated At

Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP) Winthrop University Hospital Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, New York-Presbyterian

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My Story

2/11/22 Update on Carsyn Volpe- Carsyn beat stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma in 2012 & was cancer free for over 8 years. In November 2020 Carsyn relapsed with a baseball size tumor in his face which took the sight in his right eye & he now has permanent damage. Carsyn learned how to play sports, go to school, read, etc. with only seeing out of his left eye. He was on a trial at CHOP & was declared in remission again February 2021 & remained on an inhibitor drug with many major side effects but it was keeping the cancer away. Routine scans at CHOP on 1/13/22 revealed that Carsyn had relapsed for the 2nd time & now is in his 3rd battle against Neuroblastoma. The treatment is intense now & our Warrior boy is fighting as hard as he can to beat this again! We Believe in him & we Believe in the army behind him… #CourageForCarsyn #Believe #FUcancer 

Carsyn Volpe is a little boy who was living a normal childhood life until he was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma. He was diagnosed on August 4th, 2011 & it is/was the worst day of our lives. He is a stage 4 high risk patient. The cancer is a very aggressive one & metastasized thru out his body within a few months. Neuroblastoma is not as well-known because there are only 500 to 700 cases per year nationwide. Only 1 in 100,000 children are diagnosed with this cancer each year. He has been responding to his chemo therapy treatment and we are so proud of him as he has been an inspiration to us all! Please pray for him because he has a very long road ahead of him. Carsyn’s courage, strength & will to conquer is what is going to get us through this extremely difficult time! He is truly an amazing boy…. Courage for Carsyn Our lives were severely changed one early August day When Carsyn went in for tests and the results were quite grey We found out a disease had metastasized throughout his tiny frame What do we do from here – questions/decisions - it will drive you insane So many thoughts go racing through your mind How would God let this happen to a boy so small and kind They say things happen for a reason to all So let this be a lesson, for it affects big and small May this battle bring family and friends closer together To understand there are more important things in life to weather Our son Carsyn - He has the COURAGE of a 1000 men We know he will win this battle - it's just a matter of when Please pray for our son and family when you can For all to be healthy and home, together again

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