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Honored Kid Caitlyn D. Age 8

Caitlyn D.'s Photo
South Lake Tahoe, CA, US
Date of Diagnosis
August 2010
In remission
Treated At
Sutter Medical Center


Caitlyn was born at 34 weeks with Congenital Stage IV Neuroblastoma. She was born on a Wednesday, had her first major surgery, and received her first round of chemotherapy on Friday, day 3 of life. She received a total of 8 rounds of chemotherapy and is currently in remission and doing well.

The tumor initiated in her lower spine and metastisized to her entire abdominal area. When she was born, she had no movement of her lower extremities. Currently, she has movement and sensation down to her knees. She also has a high frequency hearing loss from the chemotherapy for which she wears hearing aides and a Neurogenic bowel and bladder for which we need to catheterize her for urine.

Caitlyn is now 5 YEARS old!!  She is in her 3rd and last year at her Special Needs  Pre-School and next year she will be joining her big brother, Cameron, and mommy at the big girl school!  She continues to receives Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies several times a week and is making great strides!!   She is incredibly mobile and agile with her new braces and crutches.  No more bulky walker!!  She loves to climb, swim, she loves roller coasters (she truly is fearless!) and her latest adventure, skiing!!  She is still our miracle baby and brings us great joy and entertainment daily.  We couldn't be more proud of her!
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