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Honored Kid Brandon (B-Man) Alt

Brandon (B-Man) Alt's Photo
Mansfield, OH, US
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
Date of Diagnosis
October 2000
Treated At
Nationwide Children's Hospital


Brandon (or B-Man as he was known to all who loved him) had
such a zest for life. He found fun in everything he did. His first
love was baseball. He could name and recognize more players
than a lot of grown men! He started playing as soon as he could
walk. Second only to baseball was the Power Rangers. He spent
countless hours quizzing us on all of the different characters.
B-Man spent the majority of the nine months after diagnosis in a
hospital transplant room, but it certainly didn't slow him down any!
We would spend all day playing baseball (yes.. in the hospital room,
if you can imagine), coloring, drawing and playing power rangers.
He underwent extensive chemotherapy and countless tests and
procedures, more than a 3 year old should ever have to endure.
Despite it all, he never complianed and up until the last 2 months,
hardly had any days where he was not up to his usual crazy self.
Although he was with us for such a short time, he has changed our
lives forever. We miss him SO much. He will always be our hero
and continues to inspire us each and every day.
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