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Honored Kid Lucas R. Age 11

Lucas R.'s Photo
Weatherford, TX, US
Date of Diagnosis
February 2010
In maintenance
Treated At
Cook Children's Medical Center


Lucas is a strong willed, hard headed boy. Since the day he was born he knew what he wants and when he wants it. And he will fight you on it until you cave first. He is full of a zest for life and even when he was at his worst he would talk about the things he would do and places he would see when he was out of the "Dr. Cave" as he called the hospital. I believe this built in fighter instinct is what carried him through the worst of treatments.
Lucas is compassionate and a leader. He will sacrifice himself to save other children from getting shots or "sticks" and will place his arm around them and comfort them when they cry. He will cry for them.
He loves dinosaurs and dragons and any animals, but especially sea creatures. He often would pretend to be "baby dragon" and I would be "mommy dragon" when he felt scared in the hospital. It was a psychological escape for him. It made him feel safer. Once asked what happened in reference to the giant scar across his abdomen he replied, "A giant dragon kicked me and cut me with its claws." He has a very wide range imagination and often used it to escape the reality of childhood cancer.
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