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Honored Kid Dylan M. Age 16

Dylan M.'s Photo
Savannah, GA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
October 2010
In treatment
Treated At
Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center


Dylan has been fighting a rare form of ALL Leukemia called Philadelphia Chromosone positive, it has been since Oct 18th 2010 since he was diagnosed. He has been through a rare virus from a tick bite and some chemo toxcitity and large amounts of chemo and lumbar punctures and through it all he has been so brave and secure with his treatment; he is inspiring to all who know and love him!!! We are thankful to have made it through these thirteen months and are hopeful everyday through the next few years. Please keep praying for Dylan's recovery!!!
Dyl is a very creative boy with a hugh heart and a courageous attitude. He loves to build legos and read books and loves movies.He is my Hero and maintains a positive attitude no matter what he does. Cancer has made him much stronger and becoming more aware of his abilitiy to speak up and be heard. He has always been shy till you know him. God has blessed us with his life! In May 2013 Dylan received a bone marrow check confirming that he had achieved remission and he finished all chemo meds. Everyday we prayed for him to stay in remission, but as of June 2017, Dylan has relapsed. We will always work to find a cure!!!!!
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