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Honored Kid Averi V.

Averi V.'s Photo
Kill Devil Hills, NC, US
Ewing sarcoma
Date of Diagnosis
November 2005
Treated At
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters


2010 St. Baldrick's Ambassador Kid
I'm Averi, born on New Year's Eve, 1992. My parents were glad I came before 1993 - something about taxes-just kidding. My parents were overjoyed that I had arrived, their first born, a baby girl.
I was always an attention grabber, wanting mom to tape me as I sang a song and I can't honestly say I've changed that much. Who doesn't like to be the center of attention? I'm often the one making everyone laugh; I have quite a few wise cracks up my sleeve. And although I love to be around people, I can't stand large groups or crowds. Maybe this is why I opted for homeschooling.
Homeschooling also gives me more time to do things I love like read more, or ride my bike around. In my eyes, homeschooling has a much more relaxed lifestyle than public school.
I have a good group of friends I keep close and I'm very loyal to them all. Nothing beats hanging out with my friends because we can do or talk about anything and have a great time. When I'm not with my friends I play on the computer or with my cat, or maybe take a walk to the beach.
I love being outdoors, eating and cooking, day and night, clothes, but not shopping, taking photographs, thrills - like roller coasters and hang gliding - electronics, candy, bowling, reality shows, good movies, bright nail polish, fantasy, water, animals, discovering new things, and life.
I someday wish to be a chef living in England and married to a redheaded man with a British accent. We shall adopt two girls from Sweden and travel the world before we die. Nothing is too far out of reach.
I've had my ups and downs as has everyone else, but I'm an optimistic person and I'm always looking ahead because every day has the opportunity to be even better than the last.
Averi was a well loved, feisty, strong willed, independent, beautiful young woman.
She loved the beach, her cat, Tigger (any small cute animal for that matter), hang'n with her pals Ariana, Brianna, Christian, James, Jenna, Louie ,Maria, "MT" and Susan, going to movies, bowling, playing family board games, irritating her siblings, messing up her bedroom, going out to eat, Poly-O cheese, eggs, pancakes and pasta, watching & critiquing Top Chef and America's Top Model, striking the "pose", bumping into stuff, sleeping in, funky ear rings, listening to a wide range of music styles, text messaging, and anything & everything associated with summer time!
She resonated positive energy, strength and hope. She was an inspiration to those that know her.
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