Honored Kid

Sarah B.

Sarah B. Kid Photo


Huntington, NY, US



Date of Diagnosis

October 2006



Treated At

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai

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My Story

Sarah Boss was 7 year old girl. She was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in September of 2006. Sarah's tumor was about the size of an egg and was directly behind her right eye and spreads to a few different areas of the skull. It is a rare cancer with only just over 300 cases a year being diagnosed in the US each year. She was treated by Dr. Leonard Wexler at Sloan Kettering in NYC. Radiation and Chemotherapy treatments started in September 2006 and will continued thru August 2007. Sarah always was a very shy girl, not shy in the since that she did not want to be around people, she would happily do anything that was asked of her but she just did not like to talk to new people she met for a long time, it could be weeks or months before she opened up. She did however have a very coy smile that she tried to hide but could not contain. She carried around her Pink Blankie that she has had since she was a baby and tried to hide her smile in it. She was a pretty smart kid and I am quite sure that this non talking thing was her way of controlling a situation. Her Favorite color was Pink, she loved to eat cream cheese bagels and drink chocolate milk. Before she became sick she attended Gymnastics at the Gold Medal Gym for over 3 years and was in an accelerated class and she loved it. She would not talk much to her coaches but chatted away with the friends she made there and she really loved it.Her coaches visited her often and it made me realize what an effect she had on people even without using many words. Apparently her actions spoke muck louder than words. Sarah also loved her Big Sister Brianna very much and she loved all of her Family, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. She was always thinking what she could do for them and not the other way around. Sarah completed 12 rounds of chemo and radiation in August of 2007. Her first set of post treatment scans showed that Sarah was cancer free but it was short lived. Within 2 weeks Sarah began to start feeling ill again and it was indeed the return of the original cancer. Sarah's Brain Tumor was inoperable by description but at this point finding a team of surgeons willing to try was her only option at life. We did finally find a team of surgeons at Mount Sinai in NYC and in October the Tumor was removed successfully in a four and twelve hour surgeries. Unfortunately the next 2 weeks Sarah's recovery was very slow at best and required 2 more surgeries. It turned out that the cancer had spread to the lining of Sarah's Brain and spread Very quickly. Sarah passed quietly at home on November 18th 2007. The courage Sarah showed during her fight was nothing less than inspiring and is admired by all whom have been touched by Sarah. Sarah received the best possible care by the best Doctors in the field and most up to date treatments available and I am sure that there was not anything else that could have been done to save her. We all miss our Sarah so very much and continue to learn from her every day.  Her short life has truly touched so many people in so many positive ways; Sarah continues to live on in our hearts. Thank You For More Please visit www.SarahsPlace.us

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