Honored Kid

Brian Murray

Age 34
Brian Murray Kid Photo


Great Falls, VA, US



Date of Diagnosis

November 2005



Treated At

Children's National Medical Center and Children’s National Research Institute (CNRI)

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My Story

Brian was living life much like many teenage boys, he had just started his junior year in High School, and was playing in several fall basketball leagues, to get in shape for the upcoming Varsity basketball season. Within a few weeks of starting school, Brian came home and complained of leg pain. This was the day that changed our lives... At the age of 16, Brian was diagnosed with a rare form of Childhood Cancer - Osteosarcoma. We cried most of that day, and had several very heartfelt conversations with Brian. In one such conversation, I stated that I wished it was me who had this cancer and not my dear son Brian. Brian replied, "Don't worry Dad; if cancer is to strike our family I would prefer it be me rather than you or Mom, or my brothers and sister". And to this day, Brian feels the same way, never having complained even once about his cancer, his treatments, or anything else... Brian had a very aggressive tumor growing in his bone, just above the knee in his right leg. Unfortunately, it was malignant, and he needed to go through some very heavy doses of Chemo. Prior to a 7 hour surgery to remove the section of his leg bone with the tumor inside, Brian will have been in the Hospital (on and off) for 30 days and nights of heavy Chemo treatments. It has been a tough experience for a young man to have to go through - but so far his spirits have remained strong. Remarkably, he has kept his school work going, and has maintained a B+ grade point average, including two honors (advanced placement) classes. Brian had his surgery, and a week later we received word that the Chemo treatments he had prior to surgery were very effective, putting him in the "good responder" category. 98% of the active cancer cells inside his bone tumor were destroyed - giving Brian an excellent chance at a long, cancer-free life ahead... Brian then had to endure another 12 rounds of Chemo, and another 60+ days/nights in the Hospital. He is also going through physical therapy rehab, to get full range of motion back in his right leg and knee. He will be glad to have this all behind him... The great news is that Brian's doctors have removed all of his cancer, and with help from Above, along with all of our collective prayers from family and friends - Brian will get to join the ranks of the many other cancer survivors, and live a long, happy, and healthy life for many years to come... 2008 Update: One year later, Brian remains cancer-free, he has returned to school and his friends. He is now looking forward to attending College next year, where he has been inspired to pursue the study of medicine and medical technology. Brian and all of us are so grateful for this miracle - and for the wonderful support of his doctors, nurses, family, friends, and St. Baldrick's supporters everywhere. Please keep Brian, and all cancer victims, in your prayers. Brian has benefited in so many ways from so many generous people, many of whom we will never meet. People who give of their time, talents, money, and spirit. It is so heartwarming to experience this caring side of our society.

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