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Honored Kid Nicholas D. Age 17

Nicholas D.'s Photo
Round Hill, VA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
July 2005
In remission
Treated At
Inova Fairfax Hospital


Nicky was diagnosed with leukemia ( ALL ) in the summer of 2005. After nearly 4 years of chemotherapy, spinal taps, hospital stays and countless bloodwork, he is now almost two years out of treatment and in full remission. Through the outstanding efforts of Children's National Medical Center, our local pediatric oncologist in Northern Va and tremendous improvements in treatment, Nicky is doing wonderfully and has a marvelous prognosis for a bright future !

Nicky is in 4th grade, enjoys many sports, is quite animated and a very talented singer ! He participates in the gifted program at school, gets A's and B's, loves math and science and spends time with his twin brother making forts out of all the cushions, blankets and quilts his grandmother knits. His imagination runs wild and has allowed him to produce a number of short stories complete with illustrations. His latest endevours include Odessey of the Mind, baseball and watching Syracuse basketball with his daddy. Nick loves to swim and is looking forward to spending a week or so in the summer at his grandparents in Willseyville, NY. His favorite "animals" include "Barky" and "Whaly" - stuffed pals that have been with him through all the treatments, and beyond ! He is the king at video games - something he picked up from the seemingly endless hours in treatment. Nicky went over a year without a haircut when it finally started growing back - but he does agree that "bald is beautiful" !!
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