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Honored Kid Martin S.

Martin S.'s Photo
Buford, GA, US
Date of Diagnosis
February 2006
Treated At
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite


Martin Plays Baseball and last year he developed a lump on the bottom of his foot, by the time we were diagnosed the Cancer had spread to his Chest. When we went to surgery to have his Portal Artery Access implanted his Surgeon asked Martin what his number 1 concern is, Martin replied that he did not want to loose his hair. Her reply to Martin was not to worry as she would be loosing her hair again soon as every year she shaves her head for St. Baldrick's to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research. Martin donated to her shaving and thus began my journey to a shaved head. The purpose is two fold, one is to support Martin and the other Children aided by the Cancer Research funded by St. Baldrick's and the other is the bond I share with all Cancer Survivors.
Thank you so much for your generous contributions in 2007 to St. Baldrick's. The money you donated is working Miracles for Children everywhere in the world. New Chemotherapy Protocals have been developed and Childrens lives are being saved. As you all should know Martin's Cancer returned over the Christmas Holiday. He is on a new Treatment Protocal that was not available 2 years ago when He was first diagnosed. The Tumors are 1/2 their size in only one month and Martin is able to attend school and be a kid! Thank You St. Baldrick's for supporting Research for Childhood Cancers! Thank you who have donated your Treasures to save the lives of Children with Cancer! Sincerely, Ralph Scharle

Update 2010: Thought Ralph Jr. is back in treatment, he is still playing the drums and already has his first gig. His father, Ralph Sr., said, "seeing my son on stage was the best feeling I’ve had since I saw him pitch a no hitter.”
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