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Honored Kid Cassidy E. Jackson

Cassidy E. Jackson's Photo
Valley City, OH, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
August 2004
Treated At
Akron Children's Hospital


My angel lost her battle to cancer on April 29, 2006. She fought her battle with antiplastic ependymoma, spinal cord tumor, for almost 2 years. She was the bravest, strongest, loving, caring and most inspirational child/person I have ever known. Cassidy loved sports and the arts most of all. She competed in gymnastics for 5 years and also played underhand fast pitch softball. She also played the piano and was such an inspiring artist and writer. She always did her best, at everything, including her fight with cancer. She never gave up on herself or her doctors. She truly believed, up until the night before she passed away that she would be a "cancer survivor". But her poor body couldn't take it anymore. She passed away at home, surrounded by those who loved her most. The following is a poem written by Cassidy after her diagnoses titled "Cassidy"
Nice, polite, helpful, strong. Who likes to draw, do crafts, play sports. Who doesn't like hurting others feelings, rude people, and pain. Who is good at making friends, sports, and art. Who would like to be better in math and piano. Who isn't afraid of trying new things, learning new things, being myself. Who is afraid of cancer, dying, and spiders. Who has always wondered why some people can't get along. Who believes in surviving this cancer, taking chances, and God. Who feels good about making people happy, helping people, and myself. Who wishes that I never got cancer. Who people see as being loving and loyal. Who really is nice to others, helpful, and strong. Me.
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