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Honored Kid David H.

David H.'s Photo
Easton, PA, US
Date of Diagnosis
October 2008
Passed away
Treated At
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Saint Christopher's Hospital for Children
Lehigh Valley Hospital


David bubbled full of life and urged everyone to LIVE BIG as he did! He loved to read, listen to music, dance, swim and go to school. He was outgoing, compassionate, and kind. His heart was big and his dreams even bigger! His very favorite season was the summer and he loved to be warm and by the sea!
David is a gift to all who knew him. He inspired us all to EMBRACE LIFE and love what we have and where we are. He showed tremendous courage every day and endured more then most grown ups. He was a warrior in the battle and although science failled him, his spirit glitters in the hearts of all who knew him! I am proud to call him my son-a great gift!
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