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Honored Kid Ella W. Age 14

Ella W.'s Photo
Chesapeake, VA, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
November 2007
Tumor cannot be removed completely so we hope for a stable MRI every three months
Treated At
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters


Ella is, as many girls are, the princess of our family. She enjoys all things girly, sparkly, and pink with some occasional purple thrown into the mix. She has a younger brother, Parker, whom she loves, adores, and protects. For the most part, they truly enjoy playing together and entertaining each other, but as with all siblings, they have their moments. Ella is currently in kindergarten which she loves. She also takes dance and plays t-ball. Brain tumor or not, she has things to do and people to see. As soon as her feet hit the ground in the morning she is ready to get the day started. She is even known to wake up during the night, come into our bedroom, and ask, "Is it even close to morning yet?" The answer is almost always, "Not even close."

Ella is extremely out-going and acts as though everyone she meets she has known for years. She has the most incredible belly-laugh when you get her going. Her personality, as well as her laugh, have been described by others as infectious. She is spunky, confident, and upbeat which has helped her (and us) survive the last two and half years, both physically and emotionally. She recently completed six weeks of proton radiation which took us twelve hours away from home and Ella managed to make many friends along the way. She has undergone ten surgeries, three failed chemotherapy protcols, and proton radiation and she's done it all without complaint. Unlike adults, she never questions what if or why. Don't get me wrong, there have been many tears shed along the way, she's not a fan of pokes or tape which makes hospital life quite difficult. However, she has adapted and continues to be just as spunky, happy, and out-going as ever. We continue to hope for a cure for our precious girl. She is our princess, but she is also our hero.
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