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Honored Kid Emily H. Age 10

Emily H.'s Photo
Redondo Beach, CA, US
Wilms or other kidney tumor
Date of Diagnosis
April 2009
In maintenance
Treated At
Miller Children's Hospital


Emily is a special little girl in so many ways. She was born with a rare syndrome called Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome. At birth this syndrome caused her to have difficulty eating and to have weak muscles. With the aid of a feeding tube and occupational therapy, these obstacles were soon overcome. Another part of this syndrome is a high incidence of childhood cancers. Emily has been screened from birth, every 3 months for cancer and on her first birthday was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor. Emily was so brave through her surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy. She didn't let chemo keep her down, during that 6 months, she got her first tooth, walked for the first time, started eating on her own and started talking. Now Emily is nearly 10 and is a happy, energetic, and adventurous young girl. She attends fourth grade full time and has countless friends. Thanks to pediatric cancer research her cancer is a treatable childhood cancer. She is now in the maintenence phase of her treatment, meaning no active meds, just regular scans and blood work to look out for any of those darn cancer signs. We are very proud of her courageousness. She has taught us to be optimistic. Despite her bumps in the road, we see everyday that she is growing, learning and getting stronger.
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