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Honored Kid Madison L. Age 14

Madison L.'s Photo
Shiloh, OH, US
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Date of Diagnosis
May 2008
Cancer free
Treated At
Akron Children's Hospital


Madison was age 4 when she was diagnosed and was a very lovable and active child. She was very shy in new situations. Now that she is 6 and in remission, her experiences with cancer have made her a little more outgoing and she is very aware now of the suffering of others. She loves doing things for other kids that she knows with cancer or other sicknesses.
I am so glad that she came through her cancer experience with a bright outlook and didn't let her cancer get her down. I think the experience has made her even more girly now. Boys stuff....yuck. Even when she was bald, she wanted everything around her to be princessy or girly. She is loving school and is a very bright child.

Update: Madison has been off treatment for 5 years and is doing well. She is now 10 and small for her age which bugs her a lot, but she is dealing with it. She has lost so many of her fellow cancer friends in the last few years and we have watched several of them relapse. Every single one tugs at our hearts just as every newly diagnosed child does.
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