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Honored Kid Mikey V. Age 9

Mikey V.'s Photo
Altadena, CA, US
Wilms or other kidney tumor
Date of Diagnosis
November 2009
In treatment
Treated At
Children's Hospital Los Angeles


December 2, 2009 Mikey's twin brother went into the pediatrician's office for a persistent cough. Little did we know how our lives would soon change. After an exam of his brother, the doctor decided to examine Mikey as siblings tend to pass things back and forth. She noted his stomach to feel abnormal on the left side. After being told that there was nothing to worry about, it was most likely an enlarged spleen due to his ear infection, we were sent for an ultrasound and lab work. Later that evening we got the call, Mikey was being admitted to Children's Hospital for further evaluation of a mass on his kidney. The following day, our world came crashing down. Mikey had a CT scan confirming what the doctors thought all along, he had a left kidney cancer known as Wilm's tumor. Our little 9 month old firecracker had cancer, this had to be a mistake. He is a healthy boy meeting all his developmental milestones, there is no way he had cancer.
On the 5th of December a softball size tumor along with his left kidney was removed. After further evaluation of the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes, it was decided Mikey was going to need further treatment: chemotherapy and radiation. The week before his first Christmas, Mikey started his treatment plan of 31 weeks of chemo and 7 days of radiation.
He is currently in treatment and fighting like a champ. He remains bright eyed and fearless. We are looking forward to his last treatment on July 13th and celebrating a full and healthy life ahead for our little Mikey!
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