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Honored Kid Mason Ream

Mason Ream's Photo
Shelby, OH, US
Date of Diagnosis
August 2002
Treated At
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Nationwide Children's Hospital


Mason was active from the minute he was born. He didn't take his first STEPS at 11 months; he took his first GALLOP! He kept us all busy, but we loved it. His sisters Chelsea and Molly (his twin) were always entertained (and sometimes frustrated) by his constant activity! Amazingly, Mason kept up this level of energy even during his cancer treatments.

When Mason was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at age eight, he told us not to worry. As I was driving him to Columbus for one of his numerous transfusions, he told me that we should just "take it one second at a time." Thank God Mason was there to help us through all those treatments.

Mason was also very compassionate. Once I overheard his prayer asking God to help the homeless by giving them the skills they need to get good jobs so they could buy houses. Mason was six or seven when he asked for this. Mason also showed his compassion by readily agreeing to participate in numerous clinical trials at CHOP to help find a cure for this beast. I know he would be honored to have a part in helping to raise money for pediatric cancer research.
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