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Honored Kid Maya B. Age 11

Maya B.'s Photo
San Pedro, CA, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
June 2009
In remission
Treated At
Miller Children's Hospital


Maya is the light in her mom and my lives. She is only 2 years and seven months old. At her young age she cant understand or comprehend the life threatening illness or challenges she faces.Her moms never ending care and love when giving treatments make her life seem normal to her.She loves to sing and has taken to music very naturally. Maya loves animals (like her mom) her at home dog is named Zeek, she also has an adopted house of rescue dogs and cats she loves.

Maya loves to play in the yard with Zeek and her toys. She enjoys the park visits,when her counts are high enough to go out in public. I want to thank everyone who donates or participates in the events in any way you are all great people doing a nice thing to help children. Thank you!
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