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Honored Kid Caleb W.

Caleb W.'s Photo
Fort Myers, FL, US
Hypodiploid ALL
Date of Diagnosis
August 2007
Treated At
Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida
Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center


Caleb was our first child and he was a angel from birth. Their was something about Caleb that made him so special and different from any other child. His personality shined his sense of humor was enormous and his gift of loving was huge. He will always be remember as our "Spider Man."

Spiderman was Caleb's true hero, he wanted to be and do everything just like him. To Caleb's parents, well Caleb is there hero he had to endure so much at the young age of 3, more than what most adults have to. Caleb has touched so many people in his young 4 years of life that is was a absolute blessing to have every known such a young soul.

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