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Honored Kid Edward D.

Edward D.'s Photo
Grapevine, TX, US
Brain or spinal cord tumor
Date of Diagnosis
October 2002
Passed away
Treated At
Cook Children's Medical Center


My son, Edward was a special kid. He had a smile that would light up any room, charm that would melt your heart, and wisdom far above his years. Edward was very simply an amazing child who was quickly becoming an amazing young man. He was smart, loving, compassionate, and he never had to be told to clean his room. What more could a parent ask for? His treatments were going very well and rarely did he have to miss school. We were amazed at how well he had dealt with it all. Since making over his bedroom, he had gotten into drawing and designing houses on paper and most recently on the computer. He wanted to be an architect. We loved to go camping and four wheeling as a family as much as possible. Edward liked to go shopping and browse the mall, and he also loved to go to the movies with friends!

Edward was very passionate about cancer research, and did all he could to participate in fund raising. He found the St. Baldrick's Foundation about 3 years ago. Once he knew it would help fight childhood cancer...he was in. Since he did not loose his hair with his chemotherapy, he decided...why not and he has shaved his head for the past 3 years. Over the years he raised thousands of dollars. When the doctors told him that he had to go into the hospital before the scheduled St. Baldrick's event that he was going to shave his head at, our family decided to hold a private event at our house. Before we knew it, it was a huge event and Edward raised $2550.00. WOW! Edward went into the hospital with one thing in mind, he was going to get out and hold a St. Baldrick's event at Esparza's. Unfortunately, Edward did not make it through the bone marrow transplant to fulfill his dream. With everyone's support, I know that Edward will be pleased with the outcome of this event!
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