Honored Kid

Samantha D.

Age 14
Samantha D. Kid Photo


Marlborough, MA, US



Date of Diagnosis

February 2009


Cancer free

Treated At

Boston Children's Hospital

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My Story

You will never believe that Samantha is now in the 3rd grade, reading at a 5th grade level, helping her other students learn when she has mastered something in the classroom, and is a genuinely kind little girl! Plus, she will start competing in January 2018 with her Junior Olympic gymnastics team! There is no stopping her...one good eye and all!
2013 UPDATED INFO... Absolutely amazing how this little one is not allowing anything stop her from living a better than normal life. Samantha easily keeps up with her older brother with sports, dancing and martial arts. Way to go!!! 2012 UPDATED INFO... Ready to take on the world, Samantha continues to amaze EVERYONE with her positive outlook on life. Samantha continues her doctor exams every 4-6 months with positive results for a healthy future. Way to go!!! 2011 UPDATED INFO... Samantha could not be any happier while celebrating her 2nd Birthday cancer free. After her quarterly check-ups, Samantha's doctors are truly amazed how Samantha's little body continues to grow...with a matching happy personality. Through this experience, Samantha no longer allows her sense of fear hold her back from climbing on playground and jumping across ball pits. Samantha truly is a miracle and angel to everyone who comes in contact with her. Thank you for your continued support, and for keeping your fingers crossed that Samantha continues to receive clean results on her check-ups. 2010 UPDATED INFO... Since her diagnosis at 3 mos. old, Samantha has since gone through surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and continues to be checked for any other additional cancer. So far, so good (knocking on wood). Outside of the hospital experience, Samantha runs around with her big brother as if nothing ever happened. Mom and Dad are truly blessed everyday they see Samantha continue a normal life. As you can see in her pictures, Samantha has already begun to walk and explore her surroundings. Thank you for all of those that continue to support Samantha and children who are dealing with cancer. 2009 ENTRY INFO... Currently only 3.5 months in age, Samantha has been a blessing handful for her parents and family. It wasn't until late February 2009 when Samantha was checked and diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a rare eye cancer). Having to face the horrific decision of treatment and eye removal surgery, Samantha is truly blessed to have such wonderful parents who continue to only want the best in her new life to come. Since the surgery recently in early March 2009, you can notice that a weight has been lifted from all shoulders...especially for Samantha's parents and immediate family. Today, only a few weeks after surgery, Samantha is noticeably happier and showing the biggest smiles ever. You can even witness that this rare form of cancer will not be holding Samantha back from exploring her surroundings. In reflection, it is a true pleasure for Samantha's Uncle to shave his head in her's and other children's honor who have been diagnosed with retinoblastoma or any other form of cancer.

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