Honored Kid

Meenakshi B.

Meenakshi B. Kid Photo


Raleigh, NC, US



Date of Diagnosis

September 2007



Treated At

Duke Children's Hospital & Health Center

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My Story

Meenakshi was transferred to Duke Children's Hospital in an emergency room to emergency room transfer from Wake Med in Raleigh the day after Labor Day 2007. She was just 2 years and 4 months old. We thought she was fighting a sinus infection and experiencing an allergic reaction to penicillin because her face was swelling. Later we found out she had a massive tumor that had infiltrated her entire head and was now suffocating her from behind her face. Her optical nerve was being threatened by the tumor now and she was beginning to lose her vision. Duke began emergency chemotherapy on her even before proper diagnosis because there just was not any time. By the grace of God and a brilliant team of Pediatric Physicians, Duke was able to save her vision. The tumor began to implode behind her nose so that created a nice space for her to be able to breathe properly again. We thought that the tumor was dying when they went to do the biopsy and found that there was a small area that imploded, only to later discover how very malignant and aggressive this tumor was. After 7 grueling rounds of miserable chemotherapy, the tumor was growing against all that allopathic medicine had left to offer. They would now only be offering palliative care and even that would be with torturous side effects and Meenakshi would have been left less than whole. This was not something that we wanted for her life, especially if it was to be limited by this deadly disease. We made the decision to go forward with all natural treatment. We made an extreme lifestyle change. Our entire family is now living on a toxic free diet. We have stopped using microvawes and we limit our wireless exposure as much as we can in this new age world. We all take natural medications to help strengthen our immune system and to keep our digestive tracts clear of anything synthetic so that all our internal tracks are moving and digesting properly. Meenakshi should never have turned 3 according to Duke when we made this very hard decision. They wanted to send us home with hospice. Instead, she became a big sister a month and a half later and she celebrated her 4th birthday in May 2009. We changed her solid mass tumor into a cyst using our natural medications and by following this very rigid new lifestyle over the past year. Our spirituality is also at a heightened level which we also credit to her ability to prosper against this disease. Needless to say, we have complete faith that our prayers were heard. Meenakshi is our miracle baby and her purpose is to show everyone on this earth to pray with all your strength and determination and have faith that you are being heard. Meenkakshi enjoyed a wonderful life without suffering. In September she began to lose her vision. An MRI showed that her tumor had become active again and this time it was everywhere. She still did not suffer. After 18 hours at Duke, our precious baby became an angel. Our prayers were heard and she was not allowed to suffer in this lifetime. She did not live every day as though she was dying, but rather as a courageous Lioness living everyday with bright smiles and complete gratitude.

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