Honored Kid

Abigail B.

Age 15
Abigail B. Kid Photo


Elmira, NY, US


Wilms or other kidney tumor

Date of Diagnosis

November 2007


In remission

Treated At

Golisano Children's Hospital, Rochester

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My Story

It all started when Abi's grandmother noticed a lump on her left side of her stomach. She felt a large mass between the bottom of her rib to the top of her pelvis bone. So we call the doctors that day to have it checked out. They scheduled an ultrasound 5 days out from t he appt and then went back to the doctors 4 days later to find out was the results were. That is when we got the news that she possible has a tumor growing on her kidney. Of course we were in shock. How could this be happening to our little girl. She has gone through enough when she was born 5 1/2 weeks early with 9 days in the NICU. We were told to head that same day to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, NY and to take all of Abi's favorite things to make her comfortable. We arrived at the Peds. ER and the testing began that night. Over the next 3 days she under went more ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans and MRI's to get a true diagnoses of what the mass was and where it is located. We met with many Hemo and Urology doctors in the ER who would be doing the surgery on Abi. On Christmas Eve 2007 Abi went in for surgery to remove the 3 1/2 inch tumor and left kidney. We found out that it is called Wilm's Tumor. There are 500 known cases a year for children in teh US. We were told that the surgery would last 2 1/2 hours and it ended up being 7 hours long. They took there time due that Abi is so small and the tumor was so large. The doctors removed everything!!! What an amazing team of doctors we had taking care of our daughter. I was the first to see Abi after the surgery. I was happy to see her alive looking for me, but I couldn't help but cry when I saw her laying on the bed with tubes in her arm, chest and nose. She was pumpkin orange due to the sterile soap they use for surgery and her skin was very puffy from the fluids. Abi had a 4 inch cut across her belly where they removed the tumor. That is the size of her whole belly. The doctors also put in a Broviac in her chest so that it is easier to feed hAbi her medicines, draw blood and have any other test done without poking her with needles. This tube is fed into the major artery near her heart. It is very safe for her to have. She was still so beautiful!!! We had a long night of nurses checking on her stats every 2 hours. But Christmas morning was a day to celebrate that she had no complications during the night and she is on the road to recovery. We stayed for 5 more days and Abi slowing was getting up to walk and play again. they amazing part is she only had 2 does of morphin after surgery. She is a tough little cookie. The day before we went home Abi had her NG tube taken out of her nose that was empting all of the stomach fluid left from before surgery. When the doctors removed the tumor and kidney they looked at the right kidney to make sure that it was not affected in any way. They saw a spot on the CT scan that showed a possible spot. After looking at it during surgery it was fine, but that pulled her intestines and stomach out of her body to look at the kidney. When that put everything back they have to pump the stomach fluid out so the patient doesn't throw up and pull there stitching out. ABi was eating and drinking like a horse so we got to go home for a couple of days before starting Chemo. We were waiting for the pathology report to come back to see what type of Chemo Abi would be getting. She was fully diagnosed with Stage 2 Wilm's tumor. That means she has kidney cancer. The tumor had little feelers on it that attached to the tissue wall of her insides and she needs a little more aggresive Chemo to kill any cancer that was left. We are scheduled for Chemo 1 time a week for the next 19 weeks. We started her Chemo yesterday. It is a long drive for us every week. It's a 4 hour drive total for use. So far the chemo has been nice to Abi. We are giving her nausea medicine 4 times a day or as needed and GlycoLax to help her poop. She needs to poop at least once a day to keep her from being bound up. The Chemo medicines tend to do that and any bacteria can give Abi an infection. That is not good. Abigail and I are trying to get a daily routine done. We have only been home 5 days and she is doing well, but don't enjoy any of it. I'm not either. Every morning I have to flush her Broviac tube to keep the lines open from any clots. This is not fun to do. But I love my daughter and would do anything for her. We are keeping her belly clean from the surgery. It is still healing, but looks good. This has been very hard to deal with and would pu this on anyone. We would like to thank our family and friends for all their support and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It has been has been 8 months now since Abi has had any treatments and is now going every 3 months for check ups. Her scares are healing nicely and so is her pride. She is very active now and full of joy. We are so blessed to have out little girl with us. She has not only proven how strong she is, but has made our family stronger through this. She is our Angel on land!!!

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