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Honored Kid Austin F. Age 18

Austin  F.'s Photo
Las Vegas, NV, US
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)
Date of Diagnosis
January 2008
In remission
Treated At
Children’s Specialty Center of Nevada


Austin is a very happy eight year old boy who loves to make people laugh with his jokes and silly faces. He loves cars and dreams of being a Nascar driver. Austin started to feel sick and had constant fevers in early January 2008. Terrible bone pain set in and we took him to the doctor. A long three weeks of wondering what was wrong and pushing for answers led us to a blood test. We were told to make an appointment with Dr. Bernstein immediately and found ourselves at the Children's Center for Cancer of Las Vegas. That is were we heard the world crushing word, Leukemia. Austin was immediately admitted to the hospital for blood and testing. Within two days he was started on chemotherapy. Austin went into remission and went through nine months of strong chemo. He is now on Maintenance treatment.
Austin was able to return to school in September and had done well on the Maintenance chemo. He is doing really well but also struggles with all that has come with his battle with cancer. The emotional side of things can be very trying and the isolation brings much loneliness. He has a knowledge of life that most eight year olds can't conceive of but he handles it with grace. Dr. B's office has become a second home and all the staff is like family. Our journey is far from over but Austin is taking it in stride. He now dreams of racing and visiting children with cancer at the hospital on his days off to bring them hope.

Austin went off chemotherapy on April 4, 2011 after three years and three months of chemotherapy! He is now 13 and growing like a weed! He has had perfect counts for the last 2+ years and is thriving. We are so thankful for how far we have come. Our hearts are still in this fight and we will continue to fight for all kids touched by cancer. St Baldrick's and everyone at Dr B's office will forever be a part of us!
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